Top Tips to Know Before Traveling to Kuwait

Traveling to Kuwait: All You Need to Know

Located on the Arabian Peninsula, Kuwait is a captivating and often overlooked travel destination. This small yet vibrant country offers diverse experiences, from mesmerizing cityscapes to stunning beaches and a rich cultural heritage. If you are planning a trip to Kuwait, here are some essential things you should know:

Visa Requirements

Before traveling to Kuwait, you must ensure you have the necessary visa. Citizens from many countries can obtain a visa upon arrival at the airport, while others may require a visa in advance. Check with the Kuwaiti embassy or consulate in your home country to confirm the requirements and apply accordingly.

Top Tips to Know Before Traveling to Kuwait

Weather and Climate

Kuwait experiences a desert climate, characterized by scorching summers with temperatures often exceeding 45 degrees Celsius (113 degrees Fahrenheit). Winters are mild, with average temperatures ranging from 8-18 degrees Celsius (46-64 degrees Fahrenheit). Plan your visit accordingly and be prepared for extreme heat if traveling during the summer months.

Top Tips to Know Before Traveling to Kuwait

Cultural Sensitivities

Kuwait is an Islamic country with strong cultural and religious values. Tourists should respect local customs and traditions. Dress modestly when in public areas, especially when visiting mosques or religious sites, and avoid public displays of affection. Observing local customs will foster goodwill and ensure a smooth and pleasant trip.

Top Tips to Know Before Traveling to Kuwait

Language and Communication

The official language is Arabic, but English is commonly spoken, especially in tourist areas and among the younger population. Most signs and menus are in both Arabic and English, facilitating easy navigation for visitors.

Top Tips to Know Before Traveling to Kuwait

Safety and Security

Kuwait is generally a safe country with low crime rates. However, like in any destination, it is always important to take basic precautions. Ensure that you have travel insurance, be mindful of your belongings, and follow local regulations and advice. In case of an emergency, know the contact details of your embassy or consulate.

Top Tips to Know Before Traveling to Kuwait


Kuwait has a well-developed transportation system. While taxis are readily available, it is advisable to negotiate the fare before starting your journey. Public buses are a cost-effective option for getting around the major towns and cities. Car rental services are also easily accessible for those who prefer to drive themselves.

Top Tips to Know Before Traveling to Kuwait

Currency and Payment

The currency in Kuwait is the Kuwaiti Dinar (KWD). Exchange your currency at banks or authorized exchange offices. Credit and debit cards are commonly accepted in hotels, restaurants, and larger stores. However, it is always wise to carry some cash for smaller establishments and street vendors.

Top Tips to Know Before Traveling to Kuwait

Local Cuisine

Kuwaiti cuisine is a delightful blend of traditional Arab flavors with influences from various cultures, particularly Indian, Persian, and Mediterranean. Do not miss the opportunity to savor dishes like machboos (spiced rice with meat or fish), balaleet (sweet vermicelli with saffron and cardamom), and gabout (traditional bread). Make sure to explore local markets and food stalls for an authentic culinary experience.

Top Tips to Know Before Traveling to Kuwait

Attractions and Sightseeing

Kuwait offers a mix of modern and ancient attractions. Discover architectural wonders like the Kuwait Towers, Grand Mosque, and Liberation Tower. Explore the traditional souks, such as Souq Al-Mubarakiya, for an immersive shopping experience. Do not forget to spend time by the beautiful coastline, with stretches of pristine beaches perfect for relaxation and water activities.

Top Tips to Know Before Traveling to Kuwait

Local Etiquette

Kuwaitis are known for their warm hospitality and generosity. It is customary to exchange pleasantries and engage in polite conversation. Accept offers of tea or Arabian coffee as a sign of respect. When dining at someone’s home, use your right hand to eat and accept food or drinks with your right hand as well.

Top Tips to Know Before Traveling to Kuwait

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A trip to Kuwait promises a fascinating journey filled with intriguing history, vibrant culture, and stunning landscapes. By keeping these essential tips in mind, your visit to Kuwait is sure to be an enriching and memorable experience.

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